Multi Company Calendar, all staff instantly synchronised.

Multi Company Appointment Solution

Are you tired of juggling multiple calendars for work, personal, and community commitments? Say goodbye to the chaos and confusion with 


the all-in-one appointment app designed to streamline your scheduling life.

The Problem:

Managing appointments across various calendars has never been easy, especially when you're juggling multiple jobs, personal commitments, and community events. Switching between platforms, devices, and calendars often leads to the risk of double booking and missed appointments.

The Solution:

Say hello to CalSync, your personal scheduling assistant that brings harmony to your hectic schedule. CalSync is not just another appointment app; it's your ultimate solution for efficient, error-free scheduling.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Unified Interface: CalSync seamlessly integrates your work calendars, personal calendars, and community events into one user-friendly interface. No more switching between platforms!

  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, ​CalSync ensures you stay connected and organized, regardless of your device.

  3. ERP Integration: CalSync effortlessly syncs with your company's ERP system, eliminating the hassle of manually updating appointments across different platforms.

  4. Smart Conflict Prevention: Worried about double booking? CalSync's intelligent algorithm alerts you when potential scheduling conflicts arise, preventing embarrassing overlaps.

  5. Spreadsheet Integration: Even if your church uses a spreadsheet for scheduling, worry not. CalSync can sync with spreadsheets, ensuring all your commitments are in one place.

  6. SMS Broadcast: Reach everyone at once with CalSync's SMS broadcast feature. Notify all stakeholders, team members, or event attendees with a single click.

Effortless Mobile-Desktop Sync: With CalSync, your laptop's Mac OS and your Android phone sync flawlessly, giving you access to your schedule anytime, anywhere.

Make Every Minute Count:

Time is precious, and CalSync values your time as much as you do. Say goodbye to wasted hours on manual scheduling and overlapping appointments. Embrace efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity with CalSync.

Your Perfect Scheduling Companion:

Experience the future of hassle-free appointment management with CalSync. Embrace the power of synchronization, integration, and convenience, all within one sleek app.


Your Time, Your Schedule, Your Way.

"CalSync" captures the essence of the app's purpose - making calendar management effortless and easy. It reflects the convenience and simplicity that the app brings to your scheduling life.