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Airline Pilot SWC / Weather Charts


SWC & Wind Charts is a Android application which allows a user to select and download any SWC, Wind, or Satellite Image.


  • select any continent (region)
  • select any flight level
  • select time range
  • download charts for the selection to be available offline when you are flying as well as for pre-flight.
  • options to brand the application with your company logo
  • option to add any instruction via HTML page
  • Zoom in and out of the chart +-
  • Delete all old charts with new download or retain old charts


  • download weather charts in seconds
  • save paper !
  • save printing cost !
  • save delivery times !
  • Slot short, turn around, night curfew  etc…..? Have you ever been waiting for the RedCap to deliver the info ?
  • have the charts on your mobile OR on the iTab
  • brief yourself before you even get to work
  • as a pilot you can download the charts  while you have breakfast, this saves you time when you get to work and enhances safety.
  • Captains, have you ever received a weather briefing by the FO and you already know  what he was going to tell you?
  • branded version for Airlines, Pilot Unions,Companies, FBO’s etc.

– branded version for your company as a option

– add additional features according your request