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ODOO Modules


  • Customer relationship management
  • Leads
  • sales chances
  • Vendors
  • Sales teams
  • Questionnaires
  • Adress segmenting
  • Multi-level marketing campaign
  • Automatic process control by incoming emails, eg automatic creation of Leads
  • Incoming and outgoing phone calls, Call center
  • Web portals for prospects, customers, suppliers
  • Group calendar
  • Quotation Contract management with fixed price and / or billing hours
  • Managing Service quotas
  • Automatic notification for expiring contracts Automatische Benachrichtigung für auslaufende Verträge und Erreichung des Servicekontingents

Sales – Purchase – Overview

  • Sales
  • Automatic or manual document delivery via e-mail
  • PayPal / credit card payment button in E-mail
  • 1-click returns processing
  • Auftragsarten – unterschiedlich konfigurierbare Prozesse z.B für Vorkasse
  • Order types – different configurable processes e.g. for prepayment
  • Purchase
  • Approval process
  • Claim management
  • Service processing Batch and serial numbers
  • Colors / Sizes
  • Unlimited number of price lists for customers and suppliers
  • Individual buying and selling prices
  • Quality Assurance
  • EDI interface
  • Recurring invoices
  • Subscription management

Warehouse Management

  • Innovative Warehouse Management
  • Hierarchical storage structures
  • Chained storages
  • Chaotic storage Storage and retrieval strategies
  • Push and pull rules – warehouse processing item-level configurable
  • Automatic double booking at every stock movement (source-target)
  • Each customer and each supplier is automatically a warehouse
  • Automatic order proposals
  • Automatic internal rearrangements
  • Scanner support for all goods movements, countdown display
  • Shipping Processing
  • packet numbers
  • Connection to different logistic services
  • Inventory changes produce real-time postings in financial accounting
  • Drop Shipping
  • Cross Docking
  • Fulfillment
  • Multi-leve commissioning
  • Loading equipment (pallets, boxes, containers)
  • Multicompany
  • FIFO/LIFO/FEFO/Average
  • Serial numbers / batches / lots
  • Scalable, millions of data

Project Management

  • Finanzielles Projektmanagement
  • Operationelles Projektmanagement
  • Projektplanung
  • Terminierung
  • Projektzeiterfassung
  • Mobile Projektzeiterfassung
  • Projektphasen
  • Aufgaben, Abrechnung von Aufgaben
  • Ticketverwaltung
  • Projektbudgets
  • Scrum Projektmethodik


  • Production contracts
  • Operations, work plans
  • Multi-level BoM
  • Alternative BoM
  • Co-products
  • Resources, jobs
  • Connection to BDE Terminals
  • Scaner support
  • Production scheduling
  • Operation scheduling


  • Employees
  • Employee skills
  • Employee evaluation
  • Employment contracts
  • Payroll integration in inancial accounting
  • Applicant, jobs
  • Expense report
  • Vacation planning
  • Time and attendance
  • Mobile time and attendance

Integrated Webshop

  • All odoo functions are available in the webshop
  • appealing product pages with a clear design
  • Up-selling an cross-selling strategies
  • Sales promotion of products with efficient SEO optimization tools
  • Automatic creation of metatexts and keywords for search engines
  • Automatic suggestions for more keywords
  • Display the product data from the OpenERP Item Master
  • Price adjustments and editing text directly on the store surface, coating prices
  • Highlight / Enlarge / Promo status of selected products directly in the list views
  • Clear checkout process
  • Multi-level navigation

Website Builder – CMS

  • Integrated website creation
  • simple intuitive usage
  • no technical knowledge required
  • working directly on the surface without admin area (WYSIWYG)
  • Numerous themes are included
  • Toolbar for quick formatting
  • Fast page design by building block tool with predefined elements such as text, banners, pictures, image galleries, title, tables, sliders, isolators, portfolio, product comparisons, buttons, FAQ, references, etc.
  • Online translation proposals for individual words or text blocks on a button
  • Automatic correct formatting for mobile phones
  • Page preview of the mobile formatting on a button
  • Displaying any data from Odoo such as Calendar of events, contact form, etc.
  • HTML Editor with indication of changes in realtime (HTML editor is displayed in window)

Magento Odoo Connector

  • Bidirectional data exchange between Magento and OpenERP
  • Fully automatic operation: In Magento generated orders are automatically transferred to Odoo.
  • Non-existent customer are automatically created in Odoo. For any subsequent orders new shipping and billing addresses are automatically created in Odoo and linked to the master address.
  • Newly in Magento created customers are automatically created in Odoo.
  • Magento assumed prices have priority over the master data rates in Odoo.
  • Inventory changes are automatically reported by Odoo to Magento
  • The processing speeds are optimal. Larger order quantities and product updates over tens of thousands of products are readily possible
  • For updates and upgrades of Magento and Odoo, the interfaces can easily be customized. The dependencies of the versions of Odoo / Magento shop are minimal
  • Data exchange, product data (attributes, prices, stocks, categories), shop orders, order status, customer master data, parcel number

Financial accounting – DATEV

  • Financial Accounting with full integration of all Odoo program areas
  • Cost centers, cost accounting in all program areas
  • German charts of accounts SKR03 and SKR04
  • Odoo – DATEV interface
  • Asset accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Claim Management
  • 1-click credit generation


  • Management of several companies in a OpenERP database
  • Different charts of accounts
  • Common data sets as for addresses, articles, stocks
  • Handling of intercompany processes
  • Consolidated Indexes
  • Corporate General Warehouse Management

Point of Sale

  • Self – service mode
  • Operating without an Internet connection
  • Touch Screen surface
  • Full integration of other Odoo areas

International Use

  • User interface in over 50 languages
  • Document texts in over 50 languages
  • Language for each employee adjustable
  • Language change on button
  • Different currencies in sales, purchasing and accounting
  • Financial accounting with more than 50 foreign pre-configured charts of accounts
  • Time zone for each employee adjustable

Social Enterprise Network

  • Integrated own social enterprise network
  • Follower function for all operations / records
  • Release function for individual records
  • Portals for Program Areas
  • Integration of internal and external persons
  • Joint work on all records
  • Send questions to followers instead of sending e-mails
  • Curb the e-mail flood
  • Reduction of meetings and e-mail chains through collaborative work on data sets
  • Increase employees’ sense of belonging by functions similar to twitter
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Timeline / history for each data object
  • Follower / referral mechanism for internal and external contacts
  • Feeds / News
  • News by selected divisions
  • Discussions
  • Dashboards
  • Wiki platform for FAQs, manuals, etc.

Efficient Work

  • Employee calendar, group calendar
  • Calendar for business processes (sales, purchasing, manufacturing, etc.)
  • task Management
  • configurable warnings
  • Outlook connection via Odoo module
  • Thunderbird connection via Odoo module

Document Management System

  • Integrated archiving system for any file formats
  • Archiving either inside or outside the database for example on separate hard drives or servers
  • Automatic indexing for full-text search in PDF and text documents
  • At each Odoo data object as customer, item, etc. can be linked files
  • The linked files are also available in the Central Document Management
  • Automatic archiving as of order confirmatin, invoices, etc.


  • Module system
  • Integrate your own modules
  • Web services
  • Report Designer
  • Masks Editor
  • Web client with drag & drop and editable processes
  • Gantt charts
  • Dynamic graphics
  • Integrated documentation

Technical Functions

  • Modern web based Open Source ERP system
  • HTML 5 programming allows online and offline operation (Point of sale, warehouse)
  • Open Source Linux operating system Ubuntu
  • Open Source database PostgreSQL
  • IT Network Management
  • VOIP telephony, Asterisk connection via Odoo module
  • iPhone connection
  • OpenOffice connection via Odoo module
  • Integrated mail interface

Workflows – BPM

  • Integrated process designer
  • Workflow processing
  • Customize business logic without programming

Vehicle Fleet

  • Vehicles, contracts
  • petroleum payment
  • service billing
  • costs

Events – Tickets

  • event organization
  • Member management and billing

Restaurant / Cafe

  • Tablet based restaurant / cafe system
  • Table management (merging, splitting)
  • Shipping / catering orders
  • KOT management
  • Recipe management
  • Tablet-based order entry
  • Full touch screen capable
  • Table reservation
  • Queue and table assignment
  • Automatic generation menu by category
  • User adaptation to order (individual dishes)
  • Configurable product description, image and product features
  • Inventory management of raw material per plate
  • Customer loyalty points and analysis
  • Waiter attendance management and time tracking
  • Also runs on interruption of the Internet connection more


  • Mailings
  • Campaigns

Business intelligence

  • Statistics
  • Heatmap
  • Filter
  • Process tracking

ODOO Modules August 18, 2016